WSOP 2007 – Final Words

— Morten @ 12:07

As you know, I managed to get through day 2 with a reasonable stack in spite of the huge chip loss I managed to inflict upon myself. Day 3 would be the day when the money bubble bursts, and I would have expected people to play very carefully. I went into the day playing fairly aggressively, assuming that people would prefer to stay alive than to take chances.

However, no more than an hour had passed before I played my final hand in the tournament. I had pocket kings…

…and raised from the small blind to 8.000, which was promptly re-raised to 25.000 by the big blind. I considered for a while, but judged myself to be in great shape for this encounter, and re-raised myself to all-in (another 60.000 to call). I was in a good mood when I saw my opponents hand – unsuited AJ – as I was about 4:1 favorite to win the hand. Alas, the flop immediately showed an ace and two cards later I was eliminated. In hindsight I should have been more careful and only moved all-in if the flop showed no ace, but at least I can congratulate myself on making a good read and for betting with the strongest hand. I am also rather satisfied with the 720th finishing position – even though this was only 100 places from being in the money and collecting at least $20.300.

The remaining days were spent relaxing, sightseeing, playing various poker cash games and tournaments in some if the luxurious casinos, shopping and hanging out with the other Titan players. Vegas is definitely Designed for Men™ – the city seems to be packed with gorgeous looking girls and the scorching temperatures ensured that they were all scantily dressed 😉

On the 12th Simon came over and days turned to nights as we tried out various nightclubs – and when they closed moved on to gentlemen clubs (fine word for strip clubs, of which there seems to be as many as there are casinos or Starbucks coffee outlets; as I said, a mans world).

You can view all the pictures from the trip or download them for offline viewing. There’s also a couple of videos, the first of the fountains at Bellagio, the second of the opening of the WSOP and last is a glance around the Rio’s Amazon Room where the tournament was played.