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Grand Theft Auto IV

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If you’ve ever been to a Microsoft job interview you’ve probably been through a personality test that aims to find out whether you’re an all-round good guy or some weirdo best left alone. I seriously believe that any intelligent person will be able to pass these tests, either by answering truthfully or by knowing what […]

User Control Projects

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I’ve always been annoyed by the fact that you can’t easily share user controls between projects, so I decided to see if there was a way to achieve/simplify/automate this. The following is more of cookbook-style description of the steps required, and I’m not sure if it’s something I’ll recommend anyone uses. It’s posted here mostly […]

User Controls – Love the Concept, Hate the Implementation

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I recently discovered that you can register your user controls in web.config instead of individually on every control or page where they’re used. This technique doesn’t let you get rid of the fluff (some configuration is still needed) but at least it’s a way to reduce it. Being a fan of the DRY principle I […]

Working with Microsoft MVC preview 2

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When the first preview release of the MVC framework was published I immediately had to try it out, and while it was obviously a first cut it has been a joy to work with. The updated release is much further along and integrates most of what was previously a separate download (the MvcToolkit). There are […]

Download Links – MVC and Silverlight

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Microsoft just released an updated preview of the MVC framework as well as Silverlight 2.0 beta 1 for Visual Studio 2008. Be sure to install the Blend 2.5 preview before the Silverlight tools. I’ve also created an updated keyboard layout for danish developers, as described in a previous post (download link). The download includes source […]

Visual Studio 2008

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I’m now so frustrated with Visual Studio 2008 that I’m starting to consider whether there might be something else that is less broken that could be used for .NET development. What makes me sad is that I really want to like the product, and while there is much to like about it there is even […]

Microsoft TechEd 2007

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Last week I was in Barcelona to attend the annual Microsoft TechEd conference for developers. I’ve never been to a Microsoft event of this size before, and must say that I am impressed by the overall organization of the event. With over 4000 attending developers and hundreds of sessions crammed into less than 20 time […]

SQLite Tools

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As an instructor teaching Microsoft courses on a regular basis, I often get asked to compose a custom schedule covering just what this particular customer finds interesting or worthwhile. As a result, I spend an amazing amount of time juggling with schedules and modules to make it fit without breaking the semi-natural order in which […]

Keyboard for Danish Programmers

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It has always been a bit of a pain to be a programmer in Denmark, because you need to access a lot of special characters – and these are mostly placed behind obscure and hard to reach key combinations. To rectify this situation I have created a keyboard layout that offers quick access to the […]

Development Process Commons

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Creating a decent web precense for an open source project is often much more work than one initially anticipates. You need to find an appropriate license and come up with a long list of non-product specific information to help interested end-users and (potentially contributing) developers along.

Programmers – Systematic, Pragmatic and Opportunistic

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While spending a few hours over on Brad Abrams blog I came across an interesting definition of developer types:

Innovate and Get Sued

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The EU commision recently adopted a proposal to allow software patents, albeit with some rubber paragraph limitation to prevent the most ridiculous patents (as seen in the US). As a small-time developer and active user of and contributor to open-source, this is exceedingly bad news. Computers and the software they run evolve at such a […]

GotDotNet Is Bad Marketing

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GotDotNet is Microsoft’s community site for .NET developers – it’s a portal site hosting a huge collection of useful (mostly open-source) projects, code snippets, documentation and other useful resources. The idea and primary source of inspiration is no doubt SourceForge, and considering the numerous bad things you could say about SourceForge (alas, the topic of […]

Quarrellous Quotes

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I just noticed Joel’s It’s Not Just Usablity post, in which he mentions the quoting style found in newsgroups. Although his overall point is that software design has an effect (positive or negative) on how humans end up interacting, he does argue that this bit-by-bit quoting (more properly known as inline quoting) is a bad thing.