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club penguin waddle around and meet new friends!

— iain @ 9:43 am

my penguin is a member. and his igloo is a HQ. 100 buddys. lots to say.  the ice rink. snow forts. cove. forest. town. out side the dojo. plaza .ski hill. ski village. dojo. gift shop. coffee shop. night club. up stairs the night club. stage. you can play games. all you need to do is to get club penguin is search club penguin. and it will say club penguin waddle around and meet new friends. be a ninga spy and tour guid. hang out. dress up. this mite be anoying you isnt it? well anyways there is some famous people or shell i say penguins. Rockhopper. Aunt arctic. Billybob. Gary. coolie. phixel. and DJ. all of them are speciel. um also my friends and me play it. ill tell you the story. my friend tom plays club penguin. and one day i wanted an account. then a cople months later  i told my other friend nadia. so i made an account then it hapenned again and again. well bye. AAHHHHH STOP IT YOU NAUGHTY PUFFLE! oh yeah and puffles are pets. SHARK! AAAAHHHHHH! OH NO POLAR BEAR!