Pricing done wrong: PowerDVD

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An example of how people in Cambridge get it, and how the people behind the PowerDVD pricing model most definitely do not.

eBook publisher insanity!

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eBooks must be cheap to succeed – right now, they can cost more than the same book in hardback!

Precentages are simple. No, really.

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I think percentages are simple. Take 100%, for example: it means everything. And 0% means nothing. 50% is about half. Per cent of course means “per hundred”, so 27% is just a short way of saying “27 per hundred”, or 27/100, or 0.27. Really, is that hard? In Britain, it seems to be. Whenever there […]

Mysterious outbound calls?

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My phone calls the same 0870 number every night, for 5 seconds. It costs me £4.20 per month, and I don’t know why it’s done – help!

“Shoot to kill” is a huge mistake

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The police in Britain has adopted a policy of “shoot-to-kill” when encountering suspected suicide bombers. I find this both extremely worrying and completely counter-productive: I just don’t get it. The stated reason for the new policy apparently is that it is necessary to have a credible last-ditch defence against suicide bombers.

Scrap the bid!

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As someone who lives close to London, I just don’t see the attraction of bringing the Olympics to London in 2012. While I can understand in principle why some people might think it’s a good idea, I just don’t see how it can work in practice – particularly from a transportation point of view. London […]

Finding a home in the UK

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Mamta and I are currently trying to determine where to live once we move from our current rented house in East Sheen – and it’s not easy. Of course, the fact that the price has to be reasonable is a factor, but the biggest frustration really is that it’s so hard to find out whether […]