How to write amazing software

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During most of my day, I work at Tideway Systems where we produce software that helps companies get a grip on their IT infrastructure – particularly their servers rather than their desktops. Over the past few years, we have evolved a process for making the software we write highly valuable to our users and do […]

Define Word for Firefox 3.5

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It is the same every time a new version of Firefox is released: plugin authors need to check whether their extensions work with the new version, and then create a new package that includes the flags to say it indeed works. So far, so good. But the next step, after uploading the package to the […]

Spam Control now supports

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New version of Spam Control for Firefox, now with support

Updated Spam Control

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I have just finished a new version of Spam Control, v0.2.3, which includes the ability to hide categories of email addresses from the pop-up menu (leaving it as uncluttered as possible). This version also fixes a bug where the list of domain prefixes or suffixes is empty. Download Spam Control 0.2.3 here. If you like […]

New Firefox extension: Spam control

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I have been working on a small Firefox extension for the reason I guess most people do it: to scratch an itch. Nobody else seemed to have solved this problem, and at some point you then have to just bite the bullet. The problem I have is that I don’t want to give my email […]

Make it a little harder, please

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If you have read my entry on Copy protection schemes and have published one or more pieces of shareware, you may be feeling pretty good about yourself. After all, one of the conclusions of that piece is that it’s feasible to protect shareware quite well against pirating. However, as many people have found,

Development methodologies

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Software development methodologies – talking about them, criticizing them, and perhaps even using them – are all the rage. (If this is not the case in your friends’ circle, perhaps one of us have the wrong friends? 🙂 ) For example, the waterfall method is (rightly) considered old-fashioned and ineffective, but where do you go […]

Copy protection schemes

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Almost every piece of software implements some form of copy protection, presumably intended to ensure that people do not pirate the software that they use. What actually tends to happen is that real customers get hassled with complicated password and key-checking schemes that do not work, and that people who would not buy the software […]