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Net annoyances

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One of the things that bother me about the net is that so much of it is US-centric, particularly commercial stuff. Imagine for a moment that you live somewhere else and want to buy something – the internet does not make it easy as it might sound. In my view,

Restocking fees

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Restocking fees is a tool that some online shops use to annoy their customers. When I recently bought something from eBuyer, I was happy to get lots of new stuff but quite unhappy with their “restocking fee”. One of the things I bought was a monitor, which was quite expensive (but nice!) The day after […]

Online DVONN

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I have found 3 places to play [DVONN]( online – an excellent way to play against some new people and make sure you have a gaming partner even if you don’t have one physically at hand. The first and best one