eBook publisher insanity!

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eBooks must be cheap to succeed – right now, they can cost more than the same book in hardback!

Can I have a blog, dad?

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My 6-year old son wants and gets his own blog. Is it a good idea? Time will tell.

Cheap backups that work!

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I have decided to take a new approach to backing up my most precious, irreplaceable personal data. Things like my pictures, documents, drawings, source code, presentations, etc. If I lose this, I can’t get it back, ever, which makes backups particularly important… The irreplaceable stuff needs to be backed up somewhere that will last for […]

More blog comment spam

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It’s amazing: I have been running this blog for a few months, and while there are a few visitors, I don’t think anyone has as their home page 🙂 The people who visit the site the most are… spammers! I have tried to keep up with these by implementing various increasingly aggressive anti-spam measures, […]

Shop at

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In an effort to see what it’s all about, I have become an affiliate of 🙂 If you want to buy something from them, use this handy search box and I may get a kickback from them of – well, I don’t know yet, but probably 1% or so. Search Now: If you don’t […]

Prices in the UK

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Why is it that the UK is so over-priced on virtually everything? Yes, there is 17.5% VAT (sales tax), but other places have both higher tax rates and lower prices. Then there is the issue of space: the population density in the UK is high and shop floor space is at a premium. Still, you’d […]

Choosing a wireless ADSL router

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Two good online retailers have a nice selection of wireless ADSL routers: * DSL warehouse * Broadbandbuyer Both ADSL Guide and Broadband stuff have reviews of many of these, which should make choosing one a relatively simple matter – certainly easier than choosing an ISP… For example, the NetGear DG834G router seems like a fine […]

Choosing a broadband provider

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Choosing a broadband provider for home use in the UK is not trivial, particularly if you want reasonable flexibility in bandwidth and connect a few PCs. Many providers allow just a single computer to be connected, or have low transfer limits of 1-2GB per month, which is easily used up when transferring photos, music or […]