Games, games, games

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I love to play boardgames, and the main obstacle is unsurprisingly a lack of time. It used to be that I didn’t know anyone in London that played games, which also was a hindrance, but fortunately this has changed. Firstly, I became a member of the London Board Games Club, where a growing group of […]

GIPF and DVONN World Championship

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As I may have mentioned before, the GIPF range of games is truly amazing. All 5 games are 2-player games requiring that the players think, but also allows an amazing amount of fun to be had.

CD-locked games

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Almost every big game you can buy today is CD-locked. This means that the publisher tries to ensure that you have bought the game by forcing you to have the CD in the CD-ROM drive or the game won’t run. Unfortunately, this is a poor deterrent that can be circumvented quite easily and mainly annoys […]

Online DVONN

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I have found 3 places to play [DVONN]( online – an excellent way to play against some new people and make sure you have a gaming partner even if you don’t have one physically at hand. The first and best one

Project GIPF

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In case you haven’t tried any of the games from [Project GIPF](, I would encourage you to. The games (5 thus far) are outstandingly brilliant 2-player games where only skill determines the outcome, and the rules are all deceptively simple. All of them are played on a hexagonal board, but that is as far as […]