Define Word for Firefox 3.5

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It is the same every time a new version of Firefox is released: plugin authors need to check whether their extensions work with the new version, and then create a new package that includes the flags to say it indeed works. So far, so good. But the next step, after uploading the package to the […]

Spam Control now supports

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New version of Spam Control for Firefox, now with support

Updated Spam Control

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I have just finished a new version of Spam Control, v0.2.3, which includes the ability to hide categories of email addresses from the pop-up menu (leaving it as uncluttered as possible). This version also fixes a bug where the list of domain prefixes or suffixes is empty. Download Spam Control 0.2.3 here. If you like […]

New Firefox extension: Spam control

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I have been working on a small Firefox extension for the reason I guess most people do it: to scratch an itch. Nobody else seemed to have solved this problem, and at some point you then have to just bite the bullet. The problem I have is that I don’t want to give my email […]

Define Word Firefox Extension v0.7.0

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I have been moving house the past couple of months, which unfortunately has meant that my Net time has been limited. And this, right on top of a Firefox upgrade that broke Define Word… Yesterday, I managed to plug in the machine that has the source code and made the changes necessary for it to […]

Define Word Firefox Extension v0.6.0

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The Define Word plugin has been upgraded to work with Firefox v1.5: Define Word v0.6.0. At the same time, I also added the ability to choose whether the tab should be foreground or background, and changed the way UTF-8 search strings are dealt with. A number of other changes will have to wait until a […]

Define Word Firefox Extension v0.5.1

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The Define Word plugin has been localized to Italian and Danish – thanks to Luana from the team for doing most of the work! At the same time, I added as a default engine – to get it, download Define Word 0.5.1. I have also submitted this version to the official download site, […]

Define Word Firefox Plugin v0.5 is out

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The Define Word plugin (which started as a bit of an experiment) is now actually a useful one! Based on several comments, suggestions and code snippet contributions, I have made several changes and you can now download Define Word 0.5.0. In this version: * The list of search engines is dynamic and can changed using […]