How-to: Multiuser blog for WordPress 2.0.x

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Several people have asked me whether the multi-user setup mentioned in my previous blog posts will work for WordPress 2.0.x – and the short answer fortunately is Yes. The even better news is that changes to WP2.0 makes it even easier to apply, and that a guy named Stephen Rider has taken the time to […]

Upgrading to wordpress v1.5

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wordpress has finally been released in a new version 1.5, meaning that the old v1.3 pre-release installation needed a bit of an upgrade. In order to remember what I’ve done, and perhaps help someone else who needs to go through the same steps, here is a list of the changes I had to make to […]

More blog comment spam

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It’s amazing: I have been running this blog for a few months, and while there are a few visitors, I don’t think anyone has as their home page 🙂 The people who visit the site the most are… spammers! I have tried to keep up with these by implementing various increasingly aggressive anti-spam measures, […]

Multi-blog plugin caveat

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Now that has been running for a few days, I have found a potential issue (and a workaround) when running multiple blogs using the mechanism I outlined when the site first went up. Changing index.php or other standard files When a new plugin is installed,

How to add a new user

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Reminder to self… To add a new “user” to the site (i.e. another Mertner that wants a blog), the following needs to be done: 1. Create a symlink to the root folder named after the user, 2. Edit wp-includes/my-functions.php to add the username 3. Copy config-default.php to config-<username>.php and edit with a new table prefix […]

Adding static pages to

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The one thing that [WordPress]( does not do is deal with static or almost-static pages. I would like this to deal with things like contact details, a brief about-myself thing, my CV, etc. Fortunately,

Styling the site

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A nice feature of [WordPress]( is that it doesn’t use a lot of tables to align page items but instead uses Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). With CSS, you can do everything you ever wanted to with tables, and more – if you know how. I didn’t know how, I just knew

Choosing and configuring the engine for

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When Morten and I decided to “do something” about our web site several months ago, we went through lots of thoughts. A full-blown CMS system is quite heavy and probably requires more customization than we want, but the blogging engines were mostly a bit too primitive. Admittedly,