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After around 6 months of thinking about it, Mozilla finally approved Spam Control as a publicly available extension.  Until now, it has languished is an unapproved extension that only logged-in users see – and has therefore has seen little attention.

Since it was made public around a week ago, more than 2,000 people have downloaded and installed Spam Control – and left several nice reviews.  I like that; it’s the kind of thing that makes me want to do more work on it 🙂

One of the reviewers mentioned that has a good service similar to temporary inbox – but since it’s newer, it’s less likely to be blocked or busy.  It does indeed look like a nice, free service, and v0.2.7 of Spam Control supports it.

Note that I find Spam Control most useful in conjunction with the awesome Secure Login extension.  I wouldn’t like to be without either of them.

Check them out.

8 thoughts on “Spam Control now supports

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  2. I love this addon. But I think the usability could be improved drastically:

    No need to have buttons for each email configuration. Because it is confusing. One button (“Configure Spam Control”) is enough. Apart from that, for each configured service there should also be a button to check the according inbox. At the moment it’s only possible to paste addresses.

    I think for many people the toolbar consumes precious space. I have a laptop with 1024×768 and so I switch it off. I would much more prefer to have everything in the Tools menu, so that all addresses can be pasted and checked from there, and also to configure Spam Control from there:

    Tools > Spam Control:
    > etc.
    > Check
    > Check
    > Check
    > etc.
    > > Configure Spam Control… (currently called ‘Options’)

    Some people only have very few items in the “Spam Control” right-click menu. It would be nice to have the option to switch off the cascaded menu and instead put a spacer to separate Spam Control items from the other menu items. Hence, it would be easier and faster not having to go through a submenu. And of course, the “Options” (Configure Spam Control) item should be switched off in the right-click menu. I really think that this belongs in the Tools menu only (and additionally a button on the Spam Control toolbar).

    At the moment, “Spam Control” is the only item in my right-click menu with an icon. Looks a bit strange, as only because of this icon all other menu items are also shifted to the right a bit, thus leaving a strip of empty space on the left. I would like to be able to switch the icon off.

    Thank you for all your work!

  3. I love this idea, but I’m a sneakemail addict. What would it take to get native sneakemail generation in the extension? I would love to help out if possible, although I have never done any FF extension coding (only python & Java lately).

    I am dying for an extension that automatically generates/selects a sneakemail address, based on the domain of the page you are visiting.

  4. Please make options diaog simpler. I read reviews on mozilla website. And good suggestions are:

    1. Use dropdown list of email services to switch configuration panel.

    2. Provide submenu in “Tools” menu from where you also can quickly access the configured temporary inboxes.

    3. Make appearence in right-click menu optional, as well as icon display

    Thank you


    P.S. service has been stopped.

  5. Hello there, I just installed your extension. It’s really wonderfull !!!. Can you please consider adding the site to your extension ? It’s a free service, with no registration and alot alternatives domain names. And it’s really fast.

    Also the site is for sale. Same with Please check that. It’s that’s the case consider removing these two sites. Thanks for your extension. Keep up the good work !!!


  6. Please add support for: — no registration required, but with optional registration can forward
    dev: “I will first update my API documentation to make it easier to implement TrashMail in different programs.” (notice generated aliases on top of requested address) — no registration, no forwards — “regitration” required per dea, only forwards — registration required, but with optional registration can forward — registration required, only forwards — registration required, only forwards — registration required, only forwards — no registration required, can forward, optional keys like spam assassin — no registration required, only forwards — no registration required, only forwards – no registration, cannot forward, but allows replies

    — more importantly —

    Please add support for yahoo AddressGuard

  7. big thanks for your work to date… I’m sure your churning away at updates for 3.5… I haven’t upgraded myself as I’m waiting on some extensions


  8. another good service now BACK from near death is:

    ^^ beware the 7 day ‘throttle’ for creating ‘too many’ email addresses in an some number of hours.

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