Games, games, games

I love to play boardgames, and the main obstacle is unsurprisingly a lack of time. It used to be that I didn’t know anyone in London that played games, which also was a hindrance, but fortunately this has changed.

ImperialFirstly, I became a member of the London Board Games Club, where a growing group of us members on every other Sunday or so. This is always great fun – we play a varied selection of games and often try new games as well. This is how we have recently discovered such excellent games as Imperial – a new game that is truly excellent and at the same time reminds old-timers of the good old Diplomacy board.

RoboRallySecondly, I quit my job at HP and took up a position at Tideway Systems. This in itself is great but didn’t directly contribute to my board games itch, until recently when someone took the initiative to do a board games evening once a month. So far, we have had oodles of fun focusing primarily on RoboRally and Full Metal Planet.

Lastly, my daughter moved to the UK last year, which means that we now are 3 people of game-playing age in the household rather than just two. And this has allowed us to play a variety of games, most recently Ticket to Ride, Europe, all of the various types of Settlers games and Khet: The laser game.

AcquireNext, I plan to play Space Dealer at home, Acquire at work and Twilight Imperium 3 at the games club. The games drought is definitely over! 🙂

ImperialTwilight ImperiumTicket to Ride EuropeSpace Dealer