How-to: Multiuser blog for WordPress 2.0.x

Several people have asked me whether the multi-user setup mentioned in my previous blog posts will work for WordPress 2.0.x – and the short answer fortunately is Yes.

The even better news is that changes to WP2.0 makes it even easier to apply, and that a guy named Stephen Rider has taken the time to describe the setup, package it neatly and include a little readme file with instructions that are better than what I originally wrote so I’m not going to improve on it.

I believe this trivially simple multi-user blog setup still is relevant, even though a more “official” multi-user WordPress now exists: it’s a separate branch that has some quite substantial differences from standard WordPress and while the features (for managing blogs etc) are nice, they are not what I need: I know which blogs I need and can do the editing required by hand.

So there you have it: Simplicity (which alas works only on platforms that have symbolic links, i.e. not on Windows) or Officialness. The choice is yours 🙂

3 thoughts on “How-to: Multiuser blog for WordPress 2.0.x

  1. FYI. The new link to strider’s new setup for the multiblog feature you had originally set up is at It took some sleuthing to find the new link, so this is FYI.

    His latest post regarding the multiblog states that he’s coming with a major update on the feature.

    I’ve tested WordPressMU – nice for blogfarm. But MU’s more than I need for a website CMS with only 7 bloggers max and surely more than the clients can handle and maintain on their own.

    I’m going to test your solution as well as strider’s in wordpress 2.2.2. I hope to donate a website that can be maintained easily by some priests in asia 🙂

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