How-to: Multiuser blog for WordPress 2.0.x

Tags: — Allan @ 7:01 pm

Several people have asked me whether the multi-user setup mentioned in my previous blog posts will work for WordPress 2.0.x – and the short answer fortunately is Yes.

The even better news is that changes to WP2.0 makes it even easier to apply, and that a guy named Stephen Rider has taken the time to describe the setup, package it neatly and include a little readme file with instructions that are better than what I originally wrote so I’m not going to improve on it.

I believe this trivially simple multi-user blog setup still is relevant, even though a more “official” multi-user WordPress now exists: it’s a separate branch that has some quite substantial differences from standard WordPress and while the features (for managing blogs etc) are nice, they are not what I need: I know which blogs I need and can do the editing required by hand.

So there you have it: Simplicity (which alas works only on platforms that have symbolic links, i.e. not on Windows) or Officialness. The choice is yours 🙂