Define Word Firefox Extension v0.5.1

The Define Word plugin has been localized to Italian and Danish – thanks to Luana from the team for doing most of the work!

At the same time, I added as a default engine – to get it, download Define Word 0.5.1.

I have also submitted this version to the official download site, and it will probably appear in the next few weeks. Thanks for all your comments and feedback!

11 thoughts on “Define Word Firefox Extension v0.5.1

  1. I would have liked to try this, but it wants to directly install and that makes me not comfortable.

  2. I think the old version was more user friendly: the new one requires two steps to activate, the old one only one.

  3. Note: This extension does not work with the Auto Copy 0.5 extension enabled! Can’t have it all, apparently 🙁

  4. Wonderful extension, would love to have it in Thunderbird too. Thanks!

  5. Hi Allan,

    I was searching for a nice tool like yours.

    Just an idea, if I choose to open the search results in another window, why not change the size of this new window, to fixed size or fitted.

    Thanks a lot.

    Regards Frank

  6. This is a very useful plugin.

    I am wondering if the result can be shown in a tooltip so that we don’t need to switch between tabs/windows everytime we search for a definition.

    Besides, we can probably set up a shortcut key for each defined engine so that we can select a word and press the schortcut key combination to show the definition, instead of choosing it in a submenu.

  7. When I used French-English dictionary, I found that the alphabet with accent cannot be translated correctly, which means, I cannot search for words like étrangére, déjà, etc, in the following search engines:{search}{search}

    However, it works correctly in some other search engines, for example:{search}{search}

    Is there already a way to fix this problem?

  8. Great extension!
    However its disabled is Firefox 1.5 beta 2 – not compatible. Will you be updating it in the near-ish future for the later firefoxes ?

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