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Update 13 Nov 2004: Now supports FireFox v1.0!

When browsing the web, I sometimes come across a phrase or a word that I don’t really know. Normally, I just ignore it and move on – but it would be nice to be able to quickly look up the definition of the word.

Enter the Define Word extension for FireFox. To install, just click on the link.

Once installed, 2 new items appear in the pop-up menu when text is selected: Look up definition and Look up definition in new tab . Very exciting, and fortunately large self-explanatory: the extension does not come loaded with documentation.

The plugin uses google‘s define feature to do the lookup. It works remarkably well in most cases.

So – two jobs got done in one. I now have a plugin that is useful, and I know much more about XUL, JScript and RDFs than I did before 🙂

6 thoughts on “New FireFox plugin

  1. Hey, any chance of you making something like Define Word, but rather than have it perform a define, just have it search the selected word and launch the results in a new tab? That or release the source code for yours so it can be tweaked.


  2. Excellent extension !

    Would be easier to use if the definition (let’s take the first one) appeared in a popup (not a popoup window that must be closed afterwards, but a DIV element that shows up while the text is selected and the pointer on the word)


  3. I’ll take both those comments into consideration and look into it. Note that the .XPI file is just a .ZIP file – the source code is all inside so you can tweak all you want 🙂

  4. I’m just toying around with some of this stuff and would be interested in trying my hand at implementing the search functionality. Allan, if you aren’t already implementing I’ll take a whack at it and send you what I come up with.


  5. Excellent extension.
    One of the most useful extensions to date.

    Is it possible for you to add an option to have the new TAB open in the foreground instead of the background?


    Have either or and leave it up to the user to decide how they want the Definition TAB or Window to open.

    Thank you.

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