India Holiday – Day 13: Taj Lake Palace

Fortunately, the Taj Lake Palace is beautiful not only in the courtyards, restaurants, rooms and pool areas, but also the toilets. Fortunate as I spent much of the night there, and am still a bit queasy in the morning; I guess it’s time for me to get the obligatory Delhi Belly.

Anyway, after a delicious breakfast in the well-appointed restaurant, I felt well enough to go on our tour of the City Palace and surrounding areas. The Maharan has opened about a third of his palace to tourists, and it’s – as we have now come to expect – impressive, if nowhere near as well kept or lavish as the Taj Lake Palace!

However, I quickly realized that it might not have been a good idea to go out and so I let Mamta and Iain complete the tour while I returned to the room to rest and recuperate.

I can’t think of a better place to do that though! It’s so peaceful and tranquil… except in the evening and in the morning: like clockwork, around 6am and 6pm, thousands of Myna birds descended and started peeping, quite loudly, for about 45 mins. Amazing, actually.

Dinner was a small portion of high-fibre in-room dining, in place of the lavish 4-course menu we had planned to eat at the rooftop restaurant. Oh, well 🙂

To compensate for the short post, I have included a few pictures from the Taj Lake Palace – hope I’ll feel better tomorrow 🙂

The Taj Lake Palace

The Pool and Jacuzzi Area

The Winter Palace seen from our room

The courtyard immediately outside our room