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I have found 3 places to play [DVONN]( online – an excellent way to play against some new people and make sure you have a gaming partner even if you don’t have one physically at hand.

The first and best one is [Little Golem]( Registration is mandatory but free, and the site has several types of tournaments that makes the system quite exciting. As you win and lose, you gain and lose ELO (rating) points, you can track your progress over time, review the history of your own and other people’s games, etc. [Here]( is the end of a game I recently lost to [Morten]( – very annoying, but that is how it goes ๐Ÿ™‚

The site works even for busy people as you have 36 hours to move, with a starting balance for a new game of 10 days. You have to actively ignore a game to lose it by timeout!

Another site is [Boรฎte ร  Jeux](, where you can play both [GIPF]( and [DVONN]( In fact, it’s the only place I have found to play GIPF online.

This site is more primitive (no tournaments and the ELO system is currently broken) but the in-game graphics are prettier as can be seen in the screenshot. It’s also only in French, but you can probably guess what most of it means anyway. I haven’t yet found out if there is a time limit on games and as I don’t read French very well I don’t know if the FAQ talks about it ๐Ÿ™‚

Finally, there is [BrettspielWelt](, which allows users to play in closer to real time. I haven’t yet tried it, but others seem to think it works very well. It’s available in both German and English.

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