Define Word for Firefox 3.5

It is the same every time a new version of Firefox is released: plugin authors need to check whether their extensions work with the new version, and then create a new package that includes the flags to say it indeed works.

So far, so good. But the next step, after uploading the package to the add-ons site, isn’t working very well.

A few days after FF 3.5 was released, I uploaded Define Word 0.9.2, to make it easy to get it to work in the new browser version. Today, the extension is still not approved, and anyone that used the extension in the past have probably given up by now.

If you haven’t yet given up, feel free to download it from here. Eventually, you may even be able to get it from Mozilla, but don’t hold your breath 🙂

5 thoughts on “Define Word for Firefox 3.5

  1. extensions != plugins


    escaping the AMO sandbox is a slow process… point users to Extensions Mirror (AMI) for greater exposure

    You’ll find people who can ‘put pressure’ on AMO sandbox editors

  2. I was waiting to upgrage Firefox just for your useful application, now I can do it. Thank you very much for your work, greetings!

  3. Why no fallback update check URL in xpi?

    When no updates show on AMO (because AMO editors busy smoking crack) then firefox checks secondary URL in XPI

    good idea? bad idea?

  4. Tuesday, December 15, 2009

    Greetings and Salutations From The Great White North Allan,

    I actually came here through Firefox Add-Ons’ back door after having installed your SPAM CONTROL then going back to something that had caught my eye: “Define Word.” which I couldn’t quite wrap my head around as to what exactly it is intended to be used for. So —

    Like Alice I followed the White Rabbit’s path which led me here to your WORD PRESS Blog. Of course, I couldn’t resist reading which led to more reading. LOL Contagious little habit that is.

    I’m still no further ahead in just what “Define Word” does, but I did read and respond to your Post about your son Iain. 🙂 Then of course I had to follow that Link which kept me pretty busy. Sigh … links after links after links. Precocious kid. lol I’m so happy to know that Iain provided the ‘cheat sheets’ to the Penguin game. What would I have done without those? 😉 I didn’t comment on any of his Posts given that he is only 6-1/2 yrs old going on 20.
    I have nine of those little “ankle-biters” and let me tell you, I don’t know that any of them are Blogging. Four of them are in Brighton. All 9 are Grandkids. (grin) Just you wait! snicker, snicker, snicker.

    Right back to your own blog … aha! There’s that Define Word thing I was investigating – again! More links. Now it is almost breakfast time here in Montreal and I really ought to do something about logging off — too many links Allan. Too many links. I feel like the King who Commissioned Mozart’s first Opera when he was barely 8 yrs old and then complained that “there are too many notes, Mozart!” That’s how I feel about links.

    So, I’m no further ahead with Define Word. All I know is that it is posted on FF and that I probably don’t need it. Do you think? 🙂

    Oddly, I do have a WORD PRESS blog. Don’t think there’s much on it. I must look it up one of these days.

    I’m outta here. I’m talking to myself, again.

    Yes, I did too read all your family’s blogs and even looked at the photo album for a bit. Sweet.

    Happy Holidays to everyone,

    Hold your pets close and your family even closer.


  5. Any chance we’ll get Define Word available for Minefield 4.0b2pre?

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