Spam Control now supports

After around 6 months of thinking about it, Mozilla finally approved Spam Control as a publicly available extension.  Until now, it has languished is an unapproved extension that only logged-in users see – and has therefore has seen little attention.

Since it was made public around a week ago, more than 2,000 people have downloaded and installed Spam Control – and left several nice reviews.  I like that; it’s the kind of thing that makes me want to do more work on it 🙂

One of the reviewers mentioned that has a good service similar to temporary inbox – but since it’s newer, it’s less likely to be blocked or busy.  It does indeed look like a nice, free service, and v0.2.7 of Spam Control supports it.

Note that I find Spam Control most useful in conjunction with the awesome Secure Login extension.  I wouldn’t like to be without either of them.

Check them out.