Mysterious outbound calls?

Every month when I receive my phone bill, it shows a mysterious call made to 08712005023. The number is marked as “SERVICES G7”, and with recent changes to how calls are charged, it costs me 14p for every one of these calls.

They are normally made at 23:50 each night, and I simply can’t figure out who makes them. Googling for the number finds nothing – except shortly it will find this post, so perhaps someone else with the same problem will find it and comment so we together can find the culprit.

I can only really think of 3 likely culprits:

  • Is it my Sky TV setup? The Sky box needs to be connected to the phone line in order to work, but Sky insists this isn’t their number. Hmm.
  • Is it my ADT alarm system? It calls the police if there is a burglary or fire and stuff, and of course is connected to the phone system too. I have spoken to roughly everyone in ADT, being passed from person to person, and nobody seems to think it relates to them. Hmm hmm.
  • Could it be an error from TalkTalk‘s side? They provide my phones, and they don’t want to rule it out – a technician even told me he’d seen something before and that it might be the case. In order to troubleshoot it, they want me to disconnect everything from the phone system and see if it still happens. But if I do that, I can’t watch TV, and my alarm gets really unhappy. I tried it anyway, and I’m none the wiser.

Directory inquiries can’t help either. I mean, hello: surely someone owns 0871 200 5023, which something in my house calls for 5-6 seconds every day, at around 23:50. And I get charged £4.20 per month for this – enough that it’s a bother. TalkTalk recently increased the minimum charge from 6p to 14p, so now it’s annoying enough that I want to do something about it.

I’ve even thought of changing to a different phone provider, just to eliminate TalkTalk as the cause. But that seems silly, and Sky charges 42.28p per minute for calls to mobile phones in Denmark; since my brother lives there and only has his iPhone, this is a no-no.

Any other suggestions? Does anyone else have this issue? It’s driving me crazy 🙂