Define Word Firefox Extension v0.6.0

The Define Word plugin has been upgraded to work with Firefox v1.5: Define Word v0.6.0.

At the same time, I also added the ability to choose whether the tab should be foreground or background, and changed the way UTF-8 search strings are dealt with.

A number of other changes will have to wait until a later version, and I have had lots of ideas from everyone. Some of the things I would like to do when I get the time:

  • Allow the user to specify a default lookup
  • Add a hotkey to launch the default lookup
  • Add an option to specify how UTF-8 should be dealt with
  • Allow the result to be shown in a mouse-over hint instead of in a new tab/window. I tried this ages ago, and it’s quite hard to get it to work well, which is why it isn’t there today.
  • Make it work in Thunderbird. This is probably simple, but I have not been able to find out how to do it 🙂

Have you got other suggestions?