Upgrading to wordpress v1.5

wordpress has finally been released in a new version 1.5, meaning that the old v1.3 pre-release installation needed a bit of an upgrade. In order to remember what I’ve done, and perhaps help someone else who needs to go through the same steps, here is a list of the changes I had to make to make it all work and some of the caveats I encountered.

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Define Word Firefox Extension v0.5.1

The Define Word plugin has been localized to Italian and Danish – thanks to Luana from the eXtenZilla.it team for doing most of the work!

At the same time, I added wiktionary.org as a default engine – to get it, download Define Word 0.5.1.

I have also submitted this version to the official download site, and it will probably appear in the next few weeks. Thanks for all your comments and feedback!