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Define Word Firefox Plugin v0.5 is out

The Define Word plugin (which started as a bit of an experiment) is now actually a useful one! Based on several comments, suggestions and code snippet contributions, I have made several changes and you can now download Define Word 0.5.0.

In this version:
* The list of search engines is dynamic and can changed using the Options dialog,
* Your preferred search engines show up in the pop-up menu so you don’t have to change the settings to use another one,
* The pop-up menu now also appears inside text entry fields,
* The default list of search engines has been extended to include,, and several others.
* Define Word supports FireFox v1.0 on all platforms, but older versions are no longer supported. The full Mozilla browser is also not supported.

Thanks for all your comments and feedback!

Updated “define word” Firefox plugin

Based on lots of user feedback, I have improved the define word plugin for FireFox slightly – please use the comment section to suggest other improvements. The new version 0.3.1 can be downloaded here.

This version adds an option dialog where you can choose whether to use,,,, or a custom search string to look up the definition. It also removes one of the two pop-up menu item links as it is now an option whether to open the definition in a window or a new tab.

It has been tested with FireFox v1.0 on Windows and Linux – and probably does not work in Mozilla on any platform. I may look into this later.

To install it, download the .xpi file to somewhere, and then drag it onto the FireFox window.