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India Holiday – Day 13: Taj Lake Palace

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Fortunately, the Taj Lake Palace is beautiful not only in the courtyards, restaurants, rooms and pool areas, but also the toilets. Fortunate as I spent much of the night there, and am still a bit queasy in the morning; I guess it’s time for me to get the obligatory Delhi Belly. Anyway, after a delicious […]

India Holiday – Day 12: Udaipur

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With traffic being so chaotic, I made the mistake of looking up accident statistics for India this morning, and almost wish I hadn’t. India accounts for something like 16% of all road deaths in the world, yet accounts for just 1% of the world’s cars. As that number doubles every decade, it can only get […]

India Holiday – Day 11: Rohet Ghar

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Is Boxing Day a good day for starting an Opium habit? The hotel serves a nice breakfast set in lovely surroundings, and we enjoy a slow start. The only downside is that the coffee is instant – not as bad as Nescafe, but still nowhere near a good espresso or drip filter coffee. Gives us […]

India Holiday – Day 10: Jodhpur

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The Christmas Gala ended late, so the normal staff was not there for the morning shift – and that did not help improve our impression of the place.  Poor breakfast service and bad (instant!) coffee set the stage for our drive to Jodhpur. Iain is also really tired and we all need a day’s rest […]

India Holiday – Day 9: Christmas Eve

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Our hotel in Jaisalmer is definitely in a different class from where we have stayed until now and feels distinctly ordinary. Our small room with single narrow beds complemented by an average breakfast and mediocre coffee is nothing like the royal treatment we’ve had in earlier hotels – I guess it’s good to be reminded […]

India Holiday – Day 8: Jaisalmer

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The hotel in Ranvas Fort in Nagaur really is spectacular; the surroundings and staff all give the impression of royalty; it is nice to be treated as such. Alas, we have to leave and do so after a delicious breakfast – where Mamta thankfully is well enough to have Paranthas. Paranthas or Parathas, or even […]

India Holiday – Day 7: Nagaur

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The first call to prayer is at 4:45am, and the sound carries extremely well into our suite. That ritual amplified sound of severely tortured dog is definitely one I can do without – might I suggest that muslims who wish to pray get an alarm clock and let the rest of us sleep? Sadly, Mamta […]

India Holiday – Day 6

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Our last day in Jaipur: rest day. We get up at 9 and have breakfast, after which I have a much-needed whole body massage and Mamta and Iain relax. Our driver (did I mention that he’s super friendly and helpful?) picks me up before lunch so I can go and try out the suit and […]