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Utterly hopeless security: NemID

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I am so happy I don’t live in Denmark any more.  If I did, I would have to use a system called NemID much more than I do – a system that is a total disgrace yet is used universally as a system intended to provide security to things like bank accounts. For me, it […]

India Holiday – Route, Photos, Index

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Between December 15th, 2012 and January 4th, 2013, Iain, Mamta and Allan went on an epic and amazing journey through much of Rajasthan. On this map, each number representing somewhere we staid during our visit: During the trip, I made a daily post with observations on what happened – here is a quick index of […]

India Holiday – Day 19: Back to Delhi

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Thursday. I am beginning to get used to the days having names again rather than just numbers; on Friday we fly back to London and Monday it’s back to work. How surreal does that seem here from the Oberoi in Agra? It’s also our last morning in Agra, and for a few minutes the view […]

India Holiday – Day 18: Agra and Taj Mahal

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The fog this morning reigns supreme: Visibility is at an all-time low. Our room is directly opposite the Taj Mahal, and although it is just 800m away it could just as well have been on the far side of the moon. Anything that is more than 50m away is lost in the thick, grey haze. […]

India Holiday – Day 17: Tigers, Trains and Agra

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They say that doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. It certainly feels insane to me that we – after 3 safaris with no tigers – choose to set the alarm clock for 05:30 on January 1st, in order to try it one last time. […]

India Holiday – Day 16: Ranthambore and New Year

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Our hotel is only 1km from the busy train station and intersection at Sawai Madhopur where we tomorrow will take the train towards Agra, and this is evident from the number of trains that stop or pass through there. In true India driving style, every train hoots when it approaches the station, and some of […]

India Holiday – Day 15: Ranthambore

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There is so much poverty on display in India it is hard to fathom, while also considering that some are very wealthy. According to the OECD, income inequality has grown in the last 20 years: today, the top 10% make an average of 12 times as much as the bottom 10% do. Of India’s 1.2 […]

India Holiday – Day 14: Shapura Bagh

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Breakfast in the Taj Lake Palace is a perfect conclusion to our stay.  We are given a table in an alcove that on 3 sides is surrounded by water, and the food and service are as always outstanding.  As I’m still recovering from Delhi syndrome, I have just a little toast and banana, but at […]