Server Upgrade

I have now completed restoring the most essential stuff on the new server, which is to say that web and mail is fully functional. Getting LDAP up and running proved slightly troublesome as the ldbm database had been deprecated and so Ubuntu had no support for reusing the backup files.

Next in line will be the secondary web apps – notably Tomcat for Jira and Confluence, Fisheye and RoundCube (for webmail). Why is it that Java apps are so brittle? It just never seems to work if you change anything even the slightest, unlike php or basically any other environment.

After that I need to rethink the backup strategy, set up mirroring on the secondary root disk, reinstall a virus scanner, configure the system logger properly, tune the display settings, and fix a whole slew of minor issues.

I’m hoping that at least the new distribution will prove to be stable; I’ve eliminated the Linux-VServer setup and consolidated everything on a single host. The new hardware should also result in significant speedups for everything – it has a quad-core 2.4GHz CPU and 4GB RAM with 2 (soon-to-be-mirrored) 10.000 RPM raptor disks. Perhaps even the Java apps will run satisfactorily on this ;-)