Stability seems to be back!

After eliminating the faulty hardware controller, I did see one more kernel crash. As a consequence, I changed the kernel CPU target to generic i686 (as opposed to AMD64), and the server has now been running smoothly for 8 days.

So, if anyone else is having stability problems with Linux when using an AMD optimized kernel, I can only recommend recompiling it in generic x64 mode. I think it’s sad that a change like this can cause so many problems – it just goes to show that software development practices still have a long way to go before software “just works”. The kernel was compiled using gcc 4.1.1 and this is the most likely culprit to blame.

2 thoughts on “Stability seems to be back!

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  2. This may not be revelant but i figured i’d post this anyway. If you’re using ubuntu 8.10 you may be in for some issues with the network manager. For some unknown reason it stops functioning. You will need to manually set you’re resolv.conf with your ISP’s DNS servers. That file is located in /etc/network/resolv.conf

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