Server Crash

The server went down saturday at roughly 2:00 am and wasn’t rebooted until I came back sunday at 3:45 am. Unless these issues with 64-bit and/or Linux-VServer (still not too sure which of the two is the root cause) are resolved real soon, I’ll have to look at alternatives for the server OS. This is clearly not sustainable for much longer.. sigh!

2 thoughts on “Server Crash

  1. Hi Allan,
    I am trying to get to the virtual pascal page to check
    for updates etc but it keeps reporting it is down.
    Are you still supporting this product? Do you want to
    hand it off to somemone else. I will be using eCommStation
    very soon and have just brought out my old VP cdrom.
    Hope you can help or I can help you with VP.

    Tony White.

  2. The Virtual Pascal site is down because the CMS software used to host it (e107) is full of security holes. I don’t have the time to set up a new site and port all of the contents to it – and I don’t think new content is coming.

    If you would like a copy of the latest version (build 274), just let me know and I’ll make it available for you.


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