Status – Final Update

The server migration seems to be close to complete at this point.. FishEye is back online, and SpamAssassin is once again fully operational. I’ve also had time to track down and fix most of the known issues.. for instance, Tomcat would die for no reason with an OutOfMemory error (turns out it needed a larger PermSize, probably because it’s using a 64-bit JDK). I’ve also fixed a network card driver issue that caused the system to slow down quite a bit, so I am hoping that the system is stabilizing. FTP users have been given new passwords, so if you can’t login just send me an IM or email.

There are still a few issues to be fixed, so should it happen that a service is down for a minute, please bear with me. If anything is down for more than a few minutes, feel free to start complaining again ;-)