Status – Getting Closer

JIRA and Confluence are back online, and I’ve restored the missing plugins and corrected a few minor issues. FishEye should be back tomorrow too.

Subversion is also back, but the Gentle repository has a new URL (it is now instead of Note that the “projects” folder has been stripped on import. This means that you will have to relocate your working copy to the new URL. If you previously checked out /svn/repos/projects/gentle then you should relocate this to /svn/gentle/gentle (I tried to strip out the extra gentle too, but then Subversion would not be able to import it for some reason). The NProf repository has not moved and is still available at /svn/nprof.

Apparently the PHP developers have decided that using recode along with mysql is a bad thing, which has broken international characters on some domains. I’ve tried convincing PHP of compiling in support for both anyway, since it used to work just fine, but alas, it just wont no matter what.