Ubuntu – Final Words

Ubuntu, one of the most praised Linux distributions, utterly and completely destroyed itself while doing a distribution upgrade. I had hoped that moving from Gentoo to a more mainstream distro would help avoid exactly this kind of problem, as I am not really keen on spending a ton of time fixing failed package upgrades.

As a consequence the server has now been replaced with Windows Server 2008, which is more in line with me being a .NET developer anyway.

I’ve installed VisualSVN Server in order to provide access to the Gentle and NProf source code repositories. These can currently be accessed at https://code.mertner.com:8443/svn/gentle and https://code.mertner.com:8443/svn/nprof respectively. I’ve migrated no user accounts so if you need/want write access to the repositories, send me an email.

Confluence will also be restored but restoring it has proved to be fairly involved and thus will take additional time. Until then please refer to the PDF export included in the Gentle release package. If you have a specific question, again, feel free to send me an email.

The king is dead! Long live the king!