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ISP Network Outage

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On top of all the other problems of the last week, my ISP had a network outage caused by a configuration error somewhere in their setup. Specifically, they have a circular fiber ring which somehow contrived to recycle traffic leading to a slow but inevitable meltdown of capacity. As a result the server has been […]

Upgrade Status – Tomcat Online

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Getting Tomcat 5.5 to run on Ubuntu proved to be quite an exercise, as the stable package in Ubuntu Feisty was broken in multiple ways. I had to fix the logging setup (preventing Tomcat from starting properly), configure the proper JDK to use, add various required libraries needed for JIRA and Confluence, migrate applications and […]

Server Upgrade

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I have now completed restoring the most essential stuff on the new server, which is to say that web and mail is fully functional. Getting LDAP up and running proved slightly troublesome as the ldbm database had been deprecated and so Ubuntu had no support for reusing the backup files. Next in line will be […]

Major Breakdown

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The recent instability problems seem to have been caused by the root disk in the server – as it has now failed completely. I have purchased new hardware and am switching distribution (from Gentoo to Ubuntu) in order to avoid having to compile everything, and also because Gentoo has failed to deliver any kind of […]