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Server Stability Update

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As you will all have noticed, the server has been increasingly unstable lately and finally came to a point where it wouldn’t even stay alive for a day. Clearly not viable and very frustrating. It was time to try something new, so I decided to spend some down time experimenting with kernels. However, I was […]

Yet Another Kernel Crash

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Linux crashed again – and I hit the reset button at 5:30 am on my way out of the door for two days. Unfortunately, Gentoo seems to be loading modules in a weird way (that is, not in the order in which they are listed in the modules.autoload files, which is how it used to […]

Another kernel oops

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I believe it is time to get rid of ReiserFS on the server. It seems that all of the recent crashes have been in the reiserfs_clear_inode method, and it’s the only hint I’m able to extract from the kernel dumps as to what could be wrong. ReiserFS used to be very fast and rock stable […]