Disk Failure

The server just crashed for some reason – I’d really wish they’d put out some stable releases! Linux didn’t use to be crash-prone, and it’s horrible when you can’t just rely on it being there when you need it.

The RAID got degraded and is currently offline – until I can find a spare or figure out how to tell EVMS to retry using the existing disk, which seems to be in perfect working order after all.

Update: The server will be taken offline on Sunday (October 22nd) at 14:00 in order to add a new spare to the RAID array. Since I don’t have a whole bunch of 500 GB disks lying around, I may need to reboot the server a few times toggling disks around, but will try to keep it to a minimum.

Software Updates

I’ve just finished updating Tomcat, JIRA, Confluence and FishEye/Crucible – let me know if you spot anything that needs fixing as a result of this.

This may have caused a few strange “bad gateway” errors for visitors to those services – I apologize for the inconvenience.

PS: If anyone knows how to make Tomcats APR work, or how to configure syslog logging for JIRA/Atlassian, do send me an email ;)

Kernel Upgrade

I’ve upgraded the kernel to 2.6.18 and had to reboot the server for this, causing a bit of downtime this morning.

I also took time out to perform a deep check of all file systems, which took a while and caused a minor delay in getting back online. Apart from a single unlinked sector, everything seemed to be fine though.