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Server Crash

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The server went down saturday at roughly 2:00 am and wasn’t rebooted until I came back sunday at 3:45 am. Unless these issues with 64-bit and/or Linux-VServer (still not too sure which of the two is the root cause) are resolved real soon, I’ll have to look at alternatives for the server OS. This is […]

ISP Problems

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It turns out my ISP was upgrading their network yesterday – replacing the core routers with new hardware as well as migrating to a redundant setup – but ran into severe problems, causing the main link to be unavailable for several hours (from roughly 19:00 yesterday up until this morning). Let’s hope they don’t have […]

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My primary ISP seems to have some kind of problem (my link has been cut a few times today, even if only for a few minutes each time). You can continue to access this site using the alternate link on

Fiber Link Failure

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My ISP currently has a problem with a fiber link that affects 25% of their customers – including me. This means that the link to is currently unavailable. Domains resolving to (the DSL link to the server) can still be used (e.g. by visiting instead of The problem should be solved […]