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Status – Final Update

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The server migration seems to be close to complete at this point.. FishEye is back online, and SpamAssassin is once again fully operational. I’ve also had time to track down and fix most of the known issues.. for instance, Tomcat would die for no reason with an OutOfMemory error (turns out it needed a larger […]

Status – Getting Closer

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JIRA and Confluence are back online, and I’ve restored the missing plugins and corrected a few minor issues. FishEye should be back tomorrow too. Subversion is also back, but the Gentle repository has a new URL (it is now instead of Note that the “projects” folder has been stripped on import. This means […]

Status – Day 3

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Confluence and JIRA are now back online. The Confluence upgrade from 1.4 to 2.1 caused quite a few problems, as it was unable to upgrade the existing database. Also, the restore process halted at 55% during the “applying special processing” step, but as far as I can see it has restored all content and attachments […]

Status – Day 2

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Mail should now be operational again across all domains. I ran into a ton of problems with the Exim configuration file on the new system (which uses LDAP and virtual mail accounts rather than system users), and it has taken most of today to iron out all of the problems this caused. There are still […]

Server Upgrade Status

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Of course, nothing is ever as easy as expected. I won’t go into too much detail at this hour, but as you can easily observe the server upgrade is still far from complete. I’ll post status updates at regular intervals tomorrow (that is, later today, but after catching some sleep) as the various services come […]