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Security Upgrades

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The server has been upgraded to Gentoo Hardended using Linux 2.6.11. All security measures (except ACLs) are in use. Additionally, Apache now uses mod_security to sanitize requests, filter referer spam, and other niceties. These changes may have broken some existing functionality. If you spot anything not working as before, please leave a comment or send […]

Blog software upgrade

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The software used to run the blogs – WordPress – has been upgraded from an arbitrary daily build of v1.3 to the newly released v1.5. Getting the upgrade to work required changes in quite a few places, and chances are that something somewhere does not work quite right as a result of the upgrade. […]

Additional Hiccups

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We had another power outage yesterday at 22:13, causing a sudden reboot. It was repeated this morning at 4:14, and this time the server decided to halt with a BIOS message, leaving it unavailable until 13:01. Sigh! Apologies for any inconvenience caused by these incidents.

Server Downtime

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A router was fried on sunday (20/3 at 9:30) in connection with a power outage, and could not be replaced until today. This caused to be unavailable for a record period of roughly 50 hours, completely ruining any hopes of a nice uptime this year. The current uptime is around 99.2%, which is decent […]