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Web browsers. Internet Explorer in particular.

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If you think that something is a little bit off in the display of the web site, I can tell you why. Symptoms include that some of the text on the right overlaps this text box a bit, when you size the window the display looks wrong, etc. If this describes your experience, you are […]

EMail Scanning

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I’ve spent a few days reworking the mail setup, and thought I’d share some information on the actual setup and recent changes here. This should mostly be of interest to people having one or more domains hosted on the server. Receiving a mail is a surprisingly complicated process – more things than you’d expect […]

Old pictures

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Some of the galleries from the old web site are not available as a Picture Gallery – if you want to see them, please use the links below: * [Baby Pictures]( * [Astronomy Pictures]( * [Cat Pictures]( * [Marriage in Las Vegas]( * [Ottawa]( * [Pies for Charity]( * [Summer 2001](

Protected: Admin Links

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Thanks to…

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This web site is run by [WordPress]( and also uses code from several other sources. A big “Thank You” goes out to the people who made the following: * [Faked Folders]( * [Search Hilite]( * [MarkDown]( * [Sortable Archives]( * [Thumb-in-Post]( * [View Levels]( * [WP-Amazon]( * [Kitten’s Spaminator]( Thank You!

Site Update

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After years of waiting, has received a facelift to what you are looking at now. The site now has a blogging engine that allows us to easily show noteworthy news related to the site on the front page. The existing picture gallery contents has been preserved and opens in a new window. To access […]