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Stability seems to be back!

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After eliminating the faulty hardware controller, I did see one more kernel crash. As a consequence, I changed the kernel CPU target to generic i686 (as opposed to AMD64), and the server has now been running smoothly for 8 days. So, if anyone else is having stability problems with Linux when using an AMD optimized […]

Server Stability Update

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As you will all have noticed, the server has been increasingly unstable lately and finally came to a point where it wouldn’t even stay alive for a day. Clearly not viable and very frustrating. It was time to try something new, so I decided to spend some down time experimenting with kernels. However, I was […]

Yet Another Kernel Crash

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Linux crashed again – and I hit the reset button at 5:30 am on my way out of the door for two days. Unfortunately, Gentoo seems to be loading modules in a weird way (that is, not in the order in which they are listed in the modules.autoload files, which is how it used to […]

Another kernel oops

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I believe it is time to get rid of ReiserFS on the server. It seems that all of the recent crashes have been in the reiserfs_clear_inode method, and it’s the only hint I’m able to extract from the kernel dumps as to what could be wrong. ReiserFS used to be very fast and rock stable […]

Disk Failure

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The server just crashed for some reason – I’d really wish they’d put out some stable releases! Linux didn’t use to be crash-prone, and it’s horrible when you can’t just rely on it being there when you need it. The RAID got degraded and is currently offline – until I can find a spare or […]

Software Updates

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I’ve just finished updating Tomcat, JIRA, Confluence and FishEye/Crucible – let me know if you spot anything that needs fixing as a result of this. This may have caused a few strange “bad gateway” errors for visitors to those services – I apologize for the inconvenience. PS: If anyone knows how to make Tomcats APR […]

Kernel Upgrade

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I’ve upgraded the kernel to 2.6.18 and had to reboot the server for this, causing a bit of downtime this morning. I also took time out to perform a deep check of all file systems, which took a while and caused a minor delay in getting back online. Apart from a single unlinked sector, everything […]

ISP Problems

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It turns out my ISP was upgrading their network yesterday – replacing the core routers with new hardware as well as migrating to a redundant setup – but ran into severe problems, causing the main link to be unavailable for several hours (from roughly 19:00 yesterday up until this morning). Let’s hope they don’t have […]

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My primary ISP seems to have some kind of problem (my link has been cut a few times today, even if only for a few minutes each time). You can continue to access this site using the alternate link on

Fiber Link Failure

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My ISP currently has a problem with a fiber link that affects 25% of their customers – including me. This means that the link to is currently unavailable. Domains resolving to (the DSL link to the server) can still be used (e.g. by visiting instead of The problem should be solved […]