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If you are instead interested in Virtual Pascal, have a look at the Ning site, and if you are just randomly browsing in search for an interesting place to go, I can recommend Seth’s blog, A Smart Bear, or an Alltop page.

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Web browsers. Internet Explorer in particular.

If you think that something is a little bit off in the display of the web site, I can tell you why. Symptoms include that some of the text on the right overlaps this text box a bit, when you size the window the display looks wrong, etc.

If this describes your experience, you are using Internet Explorer, or IE. IE is a very poor web browser. It is extraordinarily unsafe, with several gaping security holes announced most weeks. It is dated. It doesn’t support things like tabbed browsing.

But most importantly, it doesn’t correctly implement any standards. This web site is built using standard web based technologies, and almost every web browser can show it correctly – just not IE. Even the Feds in the US say you shouldn’t use it.

I recommend FireFox. It’s free, and it works great. Or you can use Mozilla, or Opera, or any other browser you like.

Or you can live with IE, its security issues, and the fact that some sites don’t look right :-)

update: Someone has made a cool web site for people currently using IE.